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Barbora Wouters



Barbora Wouters specializes in the geoarchaeology of early medieval towns. Her previous research evaluated the potential of micromorphological study on a range of urban sites (AD 400-1000), including Viking-age towns such as Hedeby and Kaupang, and (early) medieval homogeneous dark earths such as that of Antwerp, Tongeren and Lier. In establishing a biographical approach to their analysis, she developed a way to compare different aspects of these towns, including their origins, human activities, use of space, evolution, as well as the preservation conditions on site. 

Five key publications

B. Wouters. “A Biographical Approach to Urban Communities from a Geoarchaeological Perspective. High-Definition Applications and Case Studies”, in R. Raja & S.M. Sindbæk (eds.), Biographies of Place, Oxford University press.

Y. Devos, C. Nicosia, & B. Wouters 2020. Urban geoarchaeology in Belgium: Experiences and innovations, Geoarchaeology 35: 27-41.

B. Wouters, Y. Devos, L. Vrydaghs, T. Ball, N. De Winter, P. Reygel 2019. An Integrated Micromorphological and Phytolith Study of Urban Soils and Sediments from the Gallo-Roman town Atuatuca Tungrorum, Belgium, Geoarchaeology 34: 448-466.

S. Croix, P. Deckers, C. Feveile, M. Knudsen, S. Skytte Qvistgaard, S. M. Sindbæk & B. Wouters 2019. Single Context, Metacontext, and High Definition Urban Archaeology: Integrating New Standards of Stratigraphic Excavation and Recording in Viking-age Ribe, Denmark, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 26: 1591-1631

B. Wouters, C. Makarona, K. Nys & P. Claeys 2017. “Characterization of archaeological metal remains in micromorphological thin sections using μXRF elemental mapping”, Geoarchaeology 32: 311-318.

B. Wouters, Y. Devos, K. Milek, L. Vrydaghs, B. Bartholomieux, D. Tys, C. Moolhuizen & N. van Asch 2017. “Medieval markets: a soil micromorphological and archaeobotanical study of the urban stratigraphy of Lier (Belgium)” Quaternary International 460: 48-64.

B. Wouters, K. Milek, Y. Devos & D. Tys 2016, "Soil micromorphology in urban research: early medieval Antwerp (Belgium) and Viking Age Kaupang (Norway)", in L. Broderick, Idoia Grau-Sologestoa, B. Jervis (eds.), Urban Life in Medieval Europe: Environmental and Artefact Based Approaches. Turnhout: Brepols, 279-296.