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Christina Cheung

Post-doctoral scientists


I am an archaeologist with a strong background in bioarchaeology, specializing in using stable isotope methods to address a range of interrelated anthropological and archaeological questions. I am particularly interested in issues such as gender, social differentiation/inequalities, subsistence economies, migration, cultural changes, and human/environment relationships. Over the past 10 years, I have been involved in archaeological projects spanning wide temporal and geographical ranges, including Neolithic Iran, Neolithic France, Bronze Age China, Roman Britain, Pre-contact Fiji, and many more.


Five key publications:


Cheung C and Szpak P 2020  Interpreting Past Human Diets Using Stable Isotope Mixing Models. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.


Cheung C, Zhang H, Hepburn JC, Yang DY, and Richards MP 2019  Stable Isotope and Dental Caries Data Reveal Rapid Adoption of Wheat in Ancient China. PLoS ONE 14(7):e0218943.


Cheung C, Burley DV, Phaff B, and Richards MP 2018  A Palaeomobility Study of the Multi-Period Site of Sigatoka, Fiji, using Strontium Isotope Analysis. Journal of archaeological Science: Reports 17: 762-774.


Cheung C, Jing ZC, Tang JG, Weston D, and Richards MP 2017  Diets, Social Roles, and Geographical Origins of Sacrificial Victims at the Royal Cemetery at Yinxu, Shang China: New Evidence from Stable Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur Isotope Analysis. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 48:28-45.


Cheung C, Schroeder H, and Hedges REM 2012  Diet, Social Differentiation and Cultural Changes in Roman Britain: New Isotopic Evidence from Gloucestershire. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 4(1):61-73.