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Dries Dries 2

Dries Tys



Dries Tys graduated in 2003 with a Ph-D dissertation on the medieval landscape of coastal Flanders (as Ph-d fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders - FWO). In 2005 I became Lecturer in Medieval Archaeology at the VUB and since 2019 I am Professor (Hoogleraar).
I teach courses in the general field of Medieval Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology and Archaeological Methods and Theory as well as the General Introduction to Archaeology for the first year students.
My research focuses on the development of medieval landscapes and settlements in relation to social formations and strategies of social reproduction. I direct several projects on landscape history and archaeology in the medieval period, a.o. on coastal identity in the early medieval period, on the start of the urban phenomenon between the 8th and 12th centuries, on trade and communications in the medieval North Sea World and on the understanding of rural villages and rural living conditions.
Today, the research develops around 1) Landscapes & Governance (between the Frankish period and the Feudal period) with attention for the landscape of social equality and inequality, 2) The archaeology of religion and burial communities, as expressed for instance in cremation graves (Belspo Excellence of Science project Crumbel: Cremations, Urns and Mobility - Ancient Population Dynamics in Belgium) and in late medieval urban cemeteries, 3) urban origins: the development of what it means to be urban (infrastructure, people, health, environment), 4) Public Archaeology, 4) methods & theory (geoarchaeology, bioarchaeology, landscape archaeology, urban archaeology)
Since 2012 I became a member of the Committee of the Medieval Europe Research Community (MERC) and since 2015 I am the Chair of this international group that wants to develop connections between the medieval and other archaeologists in Europe and elsewhere. MERC is today an important Community associated to the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA). I am also Vice President of the Society for Medieval Archaeology.

Tags: Medieval Archaeology, Burial Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Bioarchaeology, Urban Archaeology, Public Archaeology