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Nathalie Pil



After graduating in Art studies and Archaeology at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in 2016, I worked on a number of research projects at the VUB. Those involved archeozoological research and a multidisciplinary approach of bone artefacts in early medieval settlements (e.g. Antwerp). In my PhD (2020) I analyse the technical processes and social acts involved in the production, use and discarding of bone materials, in particular combs, in the North Sea basin during the early medieval time (400-1050). Different approaches are used, within the methodological tool chaîne opératoire, to reconstruct the objects lifecycle: zooarchaeology, experimental archaeology, microwear analyses, the development of a subtypology for the Low Countries,…

Besides my PhD-research I am involved in the creation of a spatial analysis, QGIS, for the HST project of the late Bronze Age Cyprus. Furthermore I identify and inventory Merovingian artifacts, mainly grave-goods, found in past excavations in Limburg at the Gallo-Romeins Museum of Tongeren.