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PHD theses

Ongoing PhD theses

Bas Aerts, Motte-burchten in Brabant. Rol en betekenis in opkomst en groei van het hertogdom (1000-1250).

Rica Annaert, New insights into the early medieval society in Northern-Francia from the beginning of the 5th to the end of the 7th century, based on the research results of the Merovingian cemetery at Broechem (B, province of Antwerp). 

Luisa Bonadies, La presence phénicienne et punique en Egypt et au Soudan.

Jordi Bruggeman, Porcelain in the southern Low Countries.

Dirk Callebaut, The early urban development of the Schelde portus of Ename around the year 1000.

Sarah Dalle, Migration and travel in Belgium from the final Neolithic until early historic times.

Carina Gerritzen, Developing new isotopic tools for the study of burnt skeletal remains.

Lotte Govaerts, City formation and urbanization at the Frontier of Eastern USA, late 19th c.

Jacob Griffith, Doctoral Candidate on the ERC Lumiere Project, Landscape Use and Mobility In EuRopE: Bridging the gap between cremation and inhumation.

Rosalie Hermans, The Archaeology of Coastal Communities: A Micromorphological Perspective of Space and Landscape of Coastal Landing Places.

Marta Hlad, The people behind the ashes. Interaction between bioarchaeological and geochemical research for the analysis of burned human remains from forensic and archaeological contexts.

Veronica Jackson, The Make-Up of the City: An Osteological Study of Urban Society in Late Medieval Ieper.

Tessi Loeffelmann, Mobility and burial rites in the early medieval period c 300-1000 AD: An analysis of strontium isotopes in cremated human remains.

Sarah Lo Russo, Micromorphological studies of settlements –Case studies in Bronze Age Hala Sultan Tekke (Cyprus) and Bronze Age Kehrsatz (Switzerland) and Roman to Medieval Antwerp (Belgium).

Christina Makarona, Geochemical proxies for the technological study of ancient ceramics from Cypriot Early and Late Bronze Age contexts.

Erwin Meylemans, A landscape biography of the lower Scheldt river valley from the Late Glacial till the Middle Ages.

Marijke Mortier, Tempeliers en Hospitaalridders in het Graafschap Vlaanderen. Formatie, inplanting en de impact van het patrimonium in het landschap, geplaatst in een ruimere geografische context.

Nathalie Pil, Typological, microscopic and microwear approach of early medieval combs (700 – 1050 AD) in the North Sea area. A new perspective on the understanding of distribution patterns en trade, through the recognition of craftsmen choices by reconstructing the comb’s chaîne opératoire.

Melissa Samaes, The story of pictorial pottery. Exploring new ways to explain community-based social action at the Late Bronze Age coastal site of Hala Sultan Tekke (SE Cyprus).

Rachèl Spros, Make-Up of the City: An Isotopic Study of Urban Society in Late Medieval and Early Modern Ieper.

Elli StamatakiDeath and Fire: Investigating changes and specialisation in cremation practices in Belgium during the Metal Ages.

Defended PhD theses

Jan Moens, 2019. Shoe production and repair in the late medieval urban centres in the southern Low Countries.

Yannick Devos, 2019. Dark Earths in Brussels (Belgium): a geoarchaeological study.

Anne-Isabelle Bidegaray, 2018: Colouring and Decolouring Glass, An Interdisciplinary Approach.

Sofie Vanhoutte, 2018: Change and Continuity at the Roman Fort at Oudenburg from the late 2nd until the early 5th century AD, with a particular focus on the evidence of the material culture and its significance within the wider context of the Roman North Sea and Channel frontier zone.

Barbora Wouters, 2017. Geoarchaeological and Micromorphological Approaches to the Formation and Biographies of Early Medieval Towns in Northwest Europe. 

Jan Coenaerts, 2016: Sites, Hinterlands, and Rivers: Exploring Site Organisation and Interaction in South-East Cyprus during the Late Bronze Age.

Andrea Ceglia, 2015: Unravelling Technology and Distribution of Ancient Glass by X-rays and UV-vis-NIR Absorption Spectroscopy.

Natasja Reyns, 2015. Consumptie van glazen drinkgerei in de Schelde- en Maasvallei tijdens de 16de tot 18de eeuw. Een zoektocht naar het ontstaan van een consumptiemaatschappij.

Pieterjan Deckers, 2014. Between Land and Sea. Landscape, Power and Identity in the Coastal Plain of Flanders, Zeeland and Northern France in the Early Middle Ages (AD 500-1000).

Barbara Borgers, 2014: Roman Pottery Production in the Civitas Tungrorum, Belgium, during the 1st-3rd century AD. An Integrated Compositional Approach.

Peter Cosyns, 2012: The Typological, Chronological, Contextual, Technological and Archaeometric Investigation of the Production and Use of Black Glass in the Roman Empire during the 1st to 5th Centuries AD.

Virginie Renson, 2012: Using Lead Isotopes to Trace Pottery Provenance - Late Bronze Age Cyprus: A case Study.

Nelleke Teughels, 2011. Smaakvolle boodschappen: archeologisch onderzoek naar iconografie, materiële cultuur en identiteit in de Belgische kleinhandel, ca. 1870-1940.