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Yannick Devos

Post-doctoral scientists


Over the last 20 years my research focussed on urban geoarchaeology, especially the micromorphological study of urban Dark Earth and complex microstratified layers.

Other research themes I worked on include the Holocene evolution of the Senne valley in Brussels, phytolith analysis on soil thin sections and issues of site taphonomy.

Currently I am coordinating the palaeo- and archaeoenvironmental studies in the Brussels region in the framework of a convention with the Brussels Capital Region. I’m also responsible for the geoarchaeological studies in the Brussels region, including field study, sampling and micromorphology.

Five key publications

Devos, Y., Nicosia, C. & Wouters, B., 2019. Urban geoarchaeology in Belgium: experiences and innovations. Geoarchaeology, 35, 27-41. 

Devos, Y., 2018. Near total and inorganic phosphorus concentrations as a proxy for identifying ancient activities in urban contexts: the example of Dark Earth in Brussels (Belgium) Geoarchaeology, 33, 470-485.

Devos, Y., Van Neer, W., Marinova, E. & Degraeve, A., (Eds.), 2017. Environmental Archaeology of European Cities. Quaternary international, 460. 

Nicosia, C., Devos, Y., & Macphail, R., 2017. European Dark Earth. In: Nicosia C. & Stoops, G. (Eds.), Archaeological Soil and Sediment Micromorphology (1 ed., pp. 331-343). Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.

Vrydaghs, L., Ball, T., & Devos, Y., 2016. Beyond redundancy and multiplicity. Integrating phytolith analysis and micromorphology to the study of Brussels Dark Earth. Journal of archaeological science, 68, 79-88.